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Hello, welcome to my website!

This website was created by me, Luca.
I am currently training as an IT assistant at the bbs|me in Hanover, Germany.

On this website you will mainly find things regarding this traineeship.
But you will also find some projects I do for fun as a side project.
See the Projects tab

Most of this website is in german.

About the making of this Website:
I have worked on this since almost the beginning of my traineeship so about september 2019.
Eversince then it has been more of a sideproject.

Since I don't fancy website builders or content management systems, I coded the entire website by hand.
The good ol' fashioned way.

461 files
16465 lines of code
126MB of code and images

Click here to see one of my latest creations:
A remake of the website koalastothemax

Backgroundimages by Pixabay

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